Panoramic Images from
  El Menito - Ciudad Ojeda

To download directly go to this page, right click and select "save as". When it is on your computer you can see them just open a blank web page in any browser, then click on one of the panorama take it and drop it inside the web page you open before

Panorama 6339
Panorama 6363
Panorama 6385
Panorama 6410
Panorama 6432
Panorama 6459
Panorama 6487
Panorama 6511
Panorama 6539
Panorama 6567
Panorama 6592
Panorama 6617
Panorama 6678
Panorama 6721
Panorama 6748
Panorama 6780


Map with detail view where each panorama was taken (press on it to see in high resolution)



Aerial view over "El Menito"

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